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And so we have a family shoot. Every family before a photo shoot asks their photographer - what to wear? I've created my own Guide for you to help my clients and other families get ready for shooting. Let's plan your wardrobe!

Be yourself.

Lifestyle photography is always about you. If you don't usually wear evening dresses, then you shouldn't be wearing it now. If your child does not like to wear dresses, do not make them. If you are a fun active family, then dress that way. You can always choose clean and comfortable clothes. You don't have to wear the best clothes , but you should make your outfit suit your style.


Yes, sometimes it works when everyone is dressed in the same color and style,but it's pretty boring and makes your family look the same. It is better to wear different colors, you can just spend more time combining colors with each other. Choose colours that compliment each other. Avoid fluorescent, very bright colours and also bright drawings. For the session, do not wear bright neon colours, which children especially love, because it will affect the color of their skin in the photo.


Make sure that the clothes you choose are the right size for you and your children, they grow quickly and it's not pretty when the child is dressed in baggy clothes or rolled-up fit.


Dear mom, this is a photo session for you. If you love dressing-up, then do it! Wear the outfit that will make you feel special. You can choose a dress that has been dusting in the closet for a long time or is a great reason to buy a new one. Choose the outfit in which you will be super comfortable. You can style your family members around your dress.


Another secret is to dress in different layers. In winter there may be a cold wind or a warm evening and then you can remove one layer. In summer you can combine outfits with capes and jackets. Do not forget about shoes and accessories, this is also very important. Think in advance how the shoes will fit with the location, a beach photoshoot may not require shoes at all.

Photoshoot in the summer heat

At this time we usually work on the beach to take some breath. I advise you to choose comfortable, free clothing made from natural fabrics. You can start with comfortable shoes on the beach and then take them off. And think about what kind of clothes it will be convenient for you to wet in the sea :)

And ask your photographer for advice if you have any questions, we are always ready to help.

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