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Hi I'm Anastasia!
And this is my son.
I'm glad that you are interested in my work. I'm a professional photographer in Spain with an experience over 12 yers.

Based in Alicante.
I attended school of photojournalism and documentary photography for two years. I participated in special photography courses at SPEOS school Paris to further my skills. I've participated in different exhibitions. I have completed more than 500 photo shootings around the world.

Most of all I enjoy working with families. I have a background as a psychology degree. Closeness and non-verbal communication, caring for whoever walks alongside in life is the root of the big world that my interests.
What story would you like me to tell?
Story of your Family
Let's take time and enjoy simple things in life. I believe that most profound photos stem from real life moments
A family photo walk is a chance to refresh family happy moments. I believe that most happy photos are from real life moments. We can take a walk around the beach or a small old town or take place of your own home.
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Story of your Personal Branding
I am here to help you to show the best part of your brand. One of the easiest ways to show your clients what makes you great is through great professional photography. We can show your energy, your personality and your skills. Your photos will help you attract more clients again and again.
Check out the packages below, and I promise you will enjoy our work together.
Story of your Love
I would love to capture your story. I specialise in small wedding photography, making sure the couple enjoys every second of their time. I don't like rush our of typical big weddings and I prefer more relaxing time with a couple enjoying all the moments of the day. If you require extra services (e.g makeup, decorations, flowers, etc) you contact me about it and I will arrange everything for you!
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